We encourage you, along with all parents, to join one of our Circle of Security parenting classes to learn more about secure attachments with you and key people in your child’s life. Many parents like to repeat this course, reflective parenting is beneficial and can transform parents’ understanding of their child’s needs, their child’s behaviour and emotional security so your child’s learning and confidence can increase. Secure attachment with you and your child’s key teacher lays a vital foundation for your child’s life, so he/she can truly flourish in every stage of his/her development and confidence.

The Circle of Security course focuses on strengthening and supporting parent-child relationships and is based on fifty years of research surrounding attachment theory and practice.

This course will help you as parents to:

  1. Understand and respond to your child’s cues and behaviours
  2. Develop a secure attachment between you and your child – boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem