Emma Watson – QTS (qualified teaching status) is the Director of our family run Sapphires Nursery School. Emma has a passion for nurturing children to see them flourish, to provide high quality childcare and education in partnership with you.

At Sapphires Nursery School we see every child just like a precious jewel that has been carefully set in a royal crown and every day we look forward to encouraging them to interact together, relate to one another and have a real sense of joy and adventure. Your child will be able to enjoy our secure, secret garden where they can explore and measure, dig and plant, or just enjoy the stream and watch our wormery.

Inspired by our Christian foundation, we welcome with open arms children and families from all faiths and none into our vibrant and inclusive community, where both nursery teachers and parents are encouraged to work together in close partnership.

Our amazing teachers are trained in a research based approach about how to meet children’s needs and ensure stronger social emotional development. We believe that this will enable your child to flourish and we will work with you to ensure they are prepared for their next school.