Your child will be able to enjoy our secure, secret garden where they can explore and measure, dig and plant, or just enjoy the stream and watch our wormery!

We have worked closely with one of the UK’s leading playground companies, Timotay, to make our outdoor space come to life providing the highest quality, stimulating and educative playground which embraces our nursery school’s curriculum. Outdoor play is not just fun but a vital part of your child’s physical, social and cognitive development.

If you want a quick glimpse inside our Sapphires Nursery School Secret Garden:

  • Protected by a canopy our garden provides all year round outdoor fun
  • Our miniature stream provides an area for water play, which is both educational and fun. Endless experiments, science, maths and much more can all be illustrated in a lesson or discovered during play using a safe and clean water feature that still captures the excitement and beauty of a natural stream
  • Your child will be invited to visit our very own bug hotel to explore and learn about nature and its wonderful creatures
  • Part of our secret garden will be set aside to grow plants and vegetables which is a great way to teach your child about nature and watching and caring for the plants as they grow