Research has shown that when a child has made a secure attachment they are more likely to explore their environment, have self-confidence and self-esteem, have the ability to problem solve, form long lasting relationships and flourish to be the best they can be in a learning environment.

With this in mind, we have worked with Robyn Dolby, a child psychologist of 35 years and author of books and teacher training programmes in the area of secure attachment, to put together a unique training programme to develop our ‘play spaces’ and ‘transitions’ at Sapphires Nursery School.

All our teachers are trained and equipped through our research based secure attachment training. This training gives our teachers the understanding and tools to develop a secure attachment with your child which is essential to your child’s emotional wellbeing.

During the first week, when all can be unsettling for you as a parent and your child, we will seek to provide a smooth as possible transition, ensuring your child’s emotional needs are met. Before your child arrives we will invite you to a briefing on this important subject to make sure we can work in partnership with you during your child’s transitions, when they first arrive and at the beginning and end of the day.

The secure attachment training underpins the firm foundations for our unique approach here at Sapphires Nursery School.