We ask to work with you in a warm and communicative partnership as parents to provide the best possible sense of continuity between school and home. Should you wish, there will be opportunities to connect and speak at the beginning and end of each day with your child’s teacher.

We would like you to feel totally involved in your child’s daily life, which is only a tap away on your phone or iPad app, with the chance to share in and comment on your child’s exciting milestones and unique learning journey.

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Should you ever feel that you would like to equip yourself with even greater parenting skills we encourage you, to join one of our Circle of Security parenting classes to learn more about secure attachments with you and key people in your child’s life. Many parents like to repeat this course, as reflective parenting is beneficial and can transform parents’ understanding of their child’s needs, behaviour and emotional security, so that your child’s learning and confidence can increase. Secure attachment with you and your child’s teacher lays a key foundation for your child’s life, so he/she can truly flourish in every stage of his/her development and confidence.

As parents, this course will help you:


  • Better understand and respond to your child’s cues and behaviours
  • Develop a secure attachment between you and your child – boosting your child’s confidence and self-esteem