Sapphires Nursery School: To be a Stimulating, Nurturing and Safe environment where every child is precious.

Stimulating – at Sapphires Nursery School, our aim is to equip your child to be the very best they can be. Our qualified teachers provide an outstanding education in a well-equipped and stimulating space, both inside and outside.

Nurturing – at Sapphires Nursery School our passion is to create a warm, nurturing and welcoming environment, which is inspired by our Christian foundation. We welcome with open arms children and families from all faiths and none into our vibrant and inclusive community, where both nursery teachers and parents work in close partnership.

Safe – at Sapphires Nursery School, our first priority is to ensure that your child is always kept safe, through our detailed and rigorous guidelines.

Our uniquely trained staff offer your child an emotionally secure base so that they feel connected, loved and comforted. This gives your child extra confidence to explore, learn, make friendships and flourish every day.