Our Froebel Approach

At Sapphires Nursery School our teaching and learning is underpinned by our Froebel approach. Froebel was an Early Years pioneer and discovered learning through play. The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) is built on many of his principles.

Froebel believed play to be the highest level of child development and felt it is essential to give children the freedom to choose, take control, explore, create, imagine and go beyond thinking about the ‘here and now’. Froebel recognised that the relationship between educator and child is significant for successful development. We follow the Froebelian principle that children need rich first hand experiences. We facilitate these through our Safe, Nurturing and Stimulating environment, with special visitors and outings into the community and nature. This provokes a child’s interest and we then give them the freedom to explore their own ideas, supporting them with guidance from our Educators where necessary. Froebel called this approach ‘Freedom with Guidance’. We believe the best play happens when children and adults are playing and enjoying activities together, respecting each other’s ideas and learning from each other.